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Lesson Plans

This page provides lesson plans to accompany some of the artworks included in the Picturing America portfolio. Download these lesson plans for use in your classroom. All links will open as a PDF.

Elementary School


Inquiry Into Our Changing Earth—Oxbow Observation by Susan Wright

Middle School

Democracy in Action: Freedom of Speech in Visual and Text-Based Primary Sources by Cathleen Chaves

The Encouragement Quilt: Using Textile Art to Promote Positive Student Interactions and Combat Bullying Behavior by Soko Cisneroz


Understanding the Aftermath of the Civil War: The Veteran in a New Field by David Palange


High School

A Century of Veterans' Homecomings in Art & Literature by Andrea Ferrara Popp

migration57The Great Migration in Visual and Literary Narrative: Jacob Lawrence and Langston Hughes by Cameron Xenakis

Individuals Who Made a Difference: Norman Rockwell’s Contribution to the American Home Front During World War II by Lori Guerrini

King George versus President George: Identifying Presidential Roles via the Symbolism in the Lansdowne Portrait of President George Washington by Mary Page

woman-and-childrenThe Last Man's Club by Maura McGill



beardendovePostmodernism in Art and Music: A Lesson in Conjunction with Toni Morrison's Beloved by Sarah Shmitt

Selling the Brooklyn Bridge to America in the 1920s
by Ed Dorgan